carers group

meet and share experiences

An opportunity to meet and share experiences and common concerns with others in a similar situation.


Carers vary in age, culture, etc,
and their number has steadily grown in the community.
We care that families have the opportunity to access
support, resources, respite and the knowledge
that someone cares for them – the carers.
Many of our Positive Living Group clients are unable to
live completely independently and are in need of carers.

The Carers Group provides an opportunity
for those who have carer responsibilities
the freedom to meet and share experiences
and their common concerns
with others in a similar situation –
the type of freedom which many of us take for granted.
Many assure us that they find great comfort
in the knowledge that they are not alone.


Meetings are open to any carers
who are looking after care recipients,
as well as those associated with the Positive Living Groups.
Health professionals and guest speakers
attend some meetings, providing
relevant literature and information.
Training is undertaken by our staff members,
who also share personal experiences
of their own responsibilities as carers.
The Group meets monthly on a Monday,
while our Group members are on an outing
with Centre staff and volunteers.

For more information contact the Centre
weekdays during office hours, 9.30am – 3.45pm.
Telephone (03) 9803 3400

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