Uniting East Burwood supports people of all ages who are facing big challenges.
It is a place to make friends, tackle personal problems or receive practical help.
We know that lives can be changed when a helping hand is offered.


In 1973, due to the vision of one man who perceived a need in the local community, a Counselling Centre was established for the people of East Burwood. In the years since, it has continued to maintain the vision and expanded into other areas of supporting the people who come to us for help.
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People are the "beating heart" of the Centre. Regardless of whether you are visiting or work at the Centre, we challenge ourselves and all others to operate in a climate of mutual respect, caring, and courtesy.
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purpose and values

Our Purpose
To inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice.

Our Values
Imaginative – We challenge convention, explore new possibilities and dare to dream for a better future.
Respectful – We act with honesty and integrity, and open our hearts to all people without exception.
Compassionate – We are nurturing, generous and thoughtful in our words and deeds.
Bold – We face injustice head on and stand up for what is right and true with confidence and strength.

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